The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report v.9.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Welcome to this week’s Field Intelligence Report – FreakyDoll has opted to keep the Positivity Pledge Protocol as part of her permanent coding, and we’re grateful (mostly because we were slightly afraid she would’ve had pulled a HAL on us had we tried extracting it, if you get our drift). There’s plenty to peruse again, from a trip to Jupiter to a rather cool 3D visualization of a Calvin & Hobbes comic; from a piece on taking things slooooooow, to an essay by Chesterton. All headlined by a touching cat story that does not include a crazy cat video! I know! It’s weird! Exactly the sort of thing you expect from FreakyDoll’s foray into the wild, wild web.

The Cat Shall Nurse the Bunnies – Melanie Jean Juneau, Joy of Nine9

GoFundMe Campaign Raises Nearly $200,000 for Memphis TeenNyDailyNews
The First Time #PatrickSpeaksUnreported World [via YouTube]
Sex and Property – G.K. Chesterton, The American Chesterton Society
Exclusive: The Death of Sister Cecilia – The Rest of the Story – Esteban Pittaro, Aleteia
Oh, the Peaceful Places We’d Go if We Slowed Our RollShelby Spear
An Interactive 3D Version of a Classic Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip – elbriga, Sketchfab
When They Found the Bones of St. Peter – K.V. Turley, Catholic Exchange
NASA’s Next Great Spacecraft Will Arrive at Jupiter Next WeekPopular Mechanics
Being Faithful in Small Things Means Being Respectful to the Pope – David Wanat, If I Might Interject


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