The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.8.0.


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Field Intelligence Report. We uploaded the Positivity Pledge protocols into Isabella Mata v.8.0’s Search Algorithm for this week’s compilation, and boy, did she zero in on the fun and the whimsical and the inspiring. What’s more whimsical than sorting saints into Hogwarts’ houses? Or more fun than participating in the inaugural fantasy lit Silmarillion Awards, or a video of the world’s largest NERF gun? Or more inspiring than a list of St Thomas More quotations? Those protocols might be permanently coded into FreakyDoll’s programming after such an awesome selection. Happy reading!

Is Your Favorite Saint a Gryffindor? The Definitive Guide to Sorting the Saints – Haley Stewart, Carrots for Michelmas

The Silmarillion Awards 2016 – Zachary Totah, Speculative Faith
Moving Blues – Calah Alexander, Barefoot and Pregnant
Need Something to Restore Your Faith in Humanity (and the Internet)? – Joseph Susanka, Summa This Summa That
Making Memories With Family – Juliann DosSantos, Footprints on the Journey
Some Simple but Sound Spiritual Advice – Michael Seagriff, Harvesting The Fruits Of Contemplation
25 Quotations From St Thomas More – Matthew Coffin, Big C Catholics
What I Want For Her – Sherry Antonetti, Chocolate For Your Brain
Any Given Moment – Nancy Shuman, The Cloistered Heart
World’s Largest NERF Gun – Mark Rober, Youtube

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