Conspirator Spotlight – Angelo Rotta and Gennaro Verolino


During the Jewish persecutions in Hungary in World War II, the Papal Nuncio, Angelo Rotta, and his aide, Gennaro Verolino, used their status, the powers of their office, and diplomatic immunity to save thousands of Jewish people. 

With the blessing of the Pope, they rented out apartments and office spaces and raised the Vatican flag over them disguising these spaces as official parts of their diplomatic mission. Utilizing their ability to print travel and identification papers, they helped to disguise the true identities of those they were sneaking out of the country in plain sight, issuing over 15,000 safe conduct visas which placed them under the protection of the Vatican’s neutrality. They worked to set up safe houses all over Budapest for Jews and resistance fighters to hide in.

When the War ended, their heroism and hard work were recognized by Israel when Angelo Rotta was named one of the Righteous Among the Nations.

**Every Monday, we share stories of Catholics who have conspired to bring Christ to the world. If you know of one we should share, please leave your suggestions in the combox. Thank you.


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