Some Thoughts On The Pulse Murders: Touching Our Own Fears


With the horrific, cowardly, and despicable terrorist murders perpetrated in Orlando’s The Pulse still painfully fresh in our hearts – an evil that was, this time, deliberately planned and executed against our LGBT neighbors – we needn’t deny our primal call for justice even as we feel compelled to look for some moral, lasting, loving, yet elusive, peace.
A desire for justice remains an appropriate, mature, and righteous response to evil. And these devastating, incomprehensible moments force us to better see the great good all around us, as well as to touch the malignant and savage evil residing within.
We are capable of both in such extraordinary measure, aren’t we?
But as we seek justice, as we rightfully resist evil, it becomes more and more obvious that once accepted lines are now easily crossed; once fixed boundaries are now too easily broken. What was once unspeakable is now voiced; what was once unimaginable has become routine and numbing


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