The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.6.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Apparently Isabella Mata set her Squalid American Culture Filter to 100% this week, and we’re all the better for it – no stories on Brock, Trump, Clinton, California euthanasia, the NBA, or anything of that sort. She turned the dial on the Whimsy Scale to 10, though, and buried the needle on the Positivity Meter. She knows what you peeps need, finding a slew of awesome links. And hey – if you have half as much fun today as 80-year old John Hetlinger had at a karaoke bar, then you’re gonna have a great day.

80-Year Old Man Sings Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ at Karaoke Bar – YouTube

Scientists Develop Crystals That Make Underwater Breathing a PossibilityCosmic Scientist
Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Me Before You, and the Terrible Power of Story – Haley Stewart, Carrots for Michelmas
What’s So Wrong with Eagles’ Wings?The Artful Catholic
Invoke All the Saints! New Must-Have App Keeps You Praying – Devin Rose, ChurchPOP
Young Girl Goes for a Stroll With Endangered White Rhino Named Ringo – YouTube
Ten Things to Keep Yourself Sane This Summer – Sherry Antonetti, Chocolate For Your Brain
The True Estimation of Success – Alan Scott, Grow in Virtue
How to Give Your Child a Truly World-Changing Summer & Not Even Leave Home – Jamie Martin, A Holy Experience
Meet the Papal Ninja Who’s Taking a Hit TV Show by Storm – Tonia Borsellino, Catholic News Agency


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