The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Welcome to the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, the result of Isabella Mata v.4.0’s unflagging search for the 10 most uplifting and interesting posts from the past week (we don’t do Pewsitter pomposity or Drudge drama here!). Check out this week’s compelling compilation – from a debate on women deacons at the NY Times featuring the ever-awesome Dawn Eden, to Jeffrey Overstreet’s tribute to Bob Dylan on his 75th birthday; from Catholic coloring books to the essence of plot – there’s something for everybody.

Wading Through the Cesspool: Caveat Lector – Fr Bill Peckman, Ramblings of a Country Pastor
If Catholic Women Could Be Deacons – Dawn Eden Goldstein, NYT “Room For Debate”
Feast on Color! Coloring Books and Printables for Catholics – Simcha Fisher, Aleteia
Living With Less – Tony Agnesi, Finding God’s Grace
What We’ve Learned In Dating Long Distance – Arleen Spenceley, Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin
The Problem With Pristine Primitivism – Fr Dwight Longenecker, Standing On My Head
St Rogue?! – M.S. O’Brien, Aliens In This World
Prisoner in the Death House: Fr Emil Kapaun – K.V. Turley, Catholic Exchange
Plot, or Why We Keep Turning Pages – Darwin, Darwin Catholic
Bob Dylan – From Faith To Faith – Jeffrey Overstreet, Looking Closer

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