The End of the World as I Foreknow It

Apocalypse Catholic

Some of you know that my day job is at the Coming Home Network as their Communications Coordinator.  Each week, we poll our community members about various things that they believed before becoming Catholic.  You can find examples of their responses here and here.
I thought this week’s question might be of interest to readers of TFBJ; it goes as follows:
“What are some things that you used to believe about the end of the world, based on religious convictions you formerly held, or perhaps still hold?”

Personally, during my high school years in the mid-nineties, I believed in a mishmash of different ideas, inspired by apocalyptic works from people like Grant Jeffrey, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye, and Hal Lindsay.  At various times, I held to some of the
following views:
-The Mark of the Beast would be the final stage in a cashless society, where a chip containing a person’s entire “cloud” could be implanted subcutaneously


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