The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Welcome to the third edition of the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report. Isabella Mata, v.3.0, set her Observatronic Quality Modulator on high and increased the oscillation range on the BS Detector Field to 3.1 megasquirts. She then dispatched her full array of nanocyberbots to scour the Internet for the most interesting and compelling stories and articles, and linked to them here.

We think she did a helluva job.

Resounding Gongs and Clanging Cymbals Are Worse Than Blaring TVs – Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register
Food as a Defender of Culture – Sean Fitzpatrick, The Catholic Gentleman
Those Ridiculous Fatimists… – Terry Nelson, Abbey Roads
Lady Gaga and the Online Eucharist Police – Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, Aleteia
Art History for Normal People: Monasteries After the Fall of Rome – Patrick Murray, Art & Liturgy
Beware of ‘Trans Movement’ as Patriarchy in Disguise – Pia de Solenni, Crux
Three Sides – Kathryn Cunningham, The Catholic Writers Guild
Scientists Create Novel ‘Liquid Wire’ Material Inspired by Spiders’ Capture Silk – Science Daily
The Empty Brain – Robert Epstein, Aeon
Death and Beauty – Katie O’Keefe, Backs Of People’s Heads And Baby Faces


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