“Thank Your For Teaching Me To Use The Toilet”


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms, Grandmoms, Step-Moms, Birth-Moms, Like-A-Moms, Godmoms, and everyone out there who has ever loved and/or been loved by a child.
My morning started with a procession of children coming to hug me and wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day!” They gave me a new laptop “because you like to write,” and three homemade Mother’s Day Cards.
While the laptop is very nice, it’s the cards that I will be re-reading years after my children have moved out of my house. (Heck, I might just frame them and hang them on my wall.)
“You look so pretty with your long hair and your zombie eyes” ~ the 4-year-old
Then from the group came:

and inside:

it reads:
Dear Mom,
Thank you for putting up with all of our crap all year round 24/7

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I’m the 40-something-ish wife of my beloved Computer Guy.

I’m the adoring and incredibly proud mom of nine children…two saints…seven in training.

I’m my brothers’ sister and my parents’ daughter.

I’m a devout Catholic, an avid political junkie, able debater, aspiring home-maker, amazing friend, and I make the meanest Chicken Fried Steak you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.

I’m a homeschooling guru, a writing addict, a sometimes public-speaker, and an advocate for staying true to the person God created you to be.

I can’t live in a house with white walls, sing Billy Joel songs while I wash the dishes, will read anything you put in my hands, and am completely obsessed with rhinestones and cute shoes.

I am just like moms the whole world over, and then some.