The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Say hello to our little friend, Isabella Mata v.1.0.

Welcome to the first installment of a weekly feature, the “TCC Field Intelligence Report”. Meet Isabella Mata, v.1.0, aka FreakyDoll. She’s TCC’s cybernetic android homunculus, programmed to covertly scour the Innerwebz for compelling, thought-provoking, edifying articles and posts about the Catholic faith. And interesting topics. And the occasional funny meme. And the best deals on Priceline.

Below are 10 links for you, our cherished readers, to read and enjoy. Unfiltered. Unedited. Unpunctuated (this ain’t no Pewsitter, yo!).

Not the Priceline deals, though. Those we keep.

A Consensus That Extends Through History – Fr van Heusen, Christian Meditation
The Illusion of Happiness – Maggie, Reverb Culture
The Transcendental Revelations Of Astronauts – Jessica Hullinger, The Week
Next Time, Stay Home With Your Stomach Bug – Jami Amerine, Scary Mommy
How Theology of the Body Impacted My Life – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Merciful Like the Father: Sts. Timothy and Maura – Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Held By His Pierced Hands
God’s Peace vs. the World’s Peace – Fr Cory Sticha, Laudet Dominum
Pulp Catholicism #170 – B-Movie Catechism
The Legendary Sir Ian McKellen and the Heuristic Shakespeare Project – Joseph Susanka
31 Days With Our Lady: Love From One Mother to Another – Mary Lenaburg, Passionate Perseverance

Come back next Thursday for a fresh list of FreakyDoll’s discoveries! And remember – she’s waaaaatching you!

Photo credit: charlie llewellin via / CC BY-SA


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