Christopher Closeup: An Interview With Dorothy Day


A fantastic find:
A brief, Christopher Closeup, televised interview with Dorothy Day, the co-founder of The Catholic Worker movement, peace activist, and declared Servant of God, whose cause for sainthood has taken a step forward with this recent announcement, as reported in Crux:
The Archdiocese of New York announced April 19 an important next step in the canonization process for Day: a canonical inquiry into the life of the co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement and famed peace activist . . New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan will appoint theological experts to review her published writings — two readers for each publication — with an eye toward doctrine and morals.
Watch as Day briefly describes the beginnings of The Catholic Worker movement, and you’ll then begin to understand why her cause for sainthood is now moving forward: her ceaseless, yet very practical, concern for the poor, her (some might say, extreme) activism for peace, her (some might say, extreme) love of Christ, and her overwhelming need to take His commands seriously throughout her life

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