31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Beginnings (Day 31)


I wanted to title this post 31 Days of Unexpected Joy:
“Completion!” or
“The End!” or
“Sayonara, sucka!” or
“I did it!” or (my personal favorite)
“Insert Hallelujah Chorus Here!”
But instead, I chose “Beginnings,” because, well, I feel like I’ve (re)learned a lot during this crazy 31-day writing process, but it’s not over and done with – not by a long shot. I feel like, in many ways, I’m just beginning. And beginnings feel fresh, new, and promising, which is good, especially since I feel a bit tired, weary, and worn.
On Monday morning, CatholicMom.com is scheduled to publish an article recounting some of the spiritual lessons learned during this challenge

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