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Moses’ Rejection Letter for “Exodus”


Approximately 1300 BC Mr. Moses 1 Mt Nebo Lane Pisbah, Plains of Moab Dear Mr. Moses: Thank you for sending your manuscript, Exodus, to Promised Land Publishing. However, it doesn’t meet our needs at this time. Or at any time, … Continue reading →

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Vatican Clergy Abuse Summit Bingo


From the makers of that evergreen classic Bishop Press Release Bingo comes the game we’ve all been waiting for, Vatican Clergy Abuse Summit Bingo! Unlike regular Bingo, with Vatican Bingo what doesn’t get said counts too!  Put your chips on the grey boxes at the start of the game, and you get to keep them there until … Continue reading Vatican Clergy Abuse Summit Bingo

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Lessons from Spine Surgery Part II: The Bracelet


I really think Anne was far better at encouraging me than I was at encouraging her. What started as my way of helping Anne ended up as Anne’s way of helping me and it was astonishing to see this normally-reserved woman blossom into a witty, wise, perceptive and insightful individual. It was a side of Anne I’d never seen before. What a gift. Continue reading

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Prayer for Protection, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


The attack on our priests are happening more often and will likely increase. It is a dark time for out church. Please offer prayer daily for the good and holy men that they may withstand the attacks of the evil one. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness … Continue reading Prayer for Protection, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

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Mercy and Full Moon Crosses


Another bright full moon was casting shadows across the snow covered yard.  I love winter and how it quiets. While I sat in the oratory at prayer a shadow in the shape of a cross was cast on the floor and I was reminded of a post from 2013: I looked in awe through the … Continue reading Mercy and Full Moon Crosses

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Conspirator Spotlight – Blessed Josaphata Michaelina Horshevskaya



When she was 18 years old. Michaelina Horshevskaya wanted to become a nun with a contemplative order in her area. She went to her priest and he counseled her to take a one year vow of virginity instead, and to wait and pray. She agreed to what he asked, and not only lived under that vow for one year, but renewed it for the next two years as well.

When her three years were up, her priest approached her with the idea of her not only NOT joining the contemplative order, but establishing a women’s congregation in order to help meet the physical and social needs of the poor in her area. She agreed, and was sent off to join the Felician Sisters for a while to learn about their way of life and the running of such a group. When she returned, she took the name Josaphata, and became the Foundress of the Sister Servants whose charism was “serve your people where the need is greatest.”

Josaphata and her Sisters set about the work of teaching and caring for the sick and the poor. She went on to start a day care system and eventually a center so that poor parents would be able to work in the fields without worrying about their young children. Josaphata went on to study herbal medicines, and crafted home-made remedies for people who were too poor to pay a physician. Josaphata and the Sister Servants cared for their people during cholera and typhus epidemics, and helped to restore the churches in their areas.

She might have once sought a contemplative life, but the life God had other things planned for her. Josephata passed away in 1919 from tuberculosis of the bone. She is venerated today in both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Churches.

The Truth in Cardinal Müller’s Manifesto of Faith


I finally got around to reading Cardinal Müller’s “Manifesto of Faith” (can be read here, via the National Catholic Register) this morning, after seeing all the foofaraw it caused on Twitter and at other Catholic publications and sites. Depending on … Continue reading →

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Settle Into Your Storm


Your anxiousness rises not as a monument to fear, but as a shadow cast upon still fertile ground.
Hold on through the dark, even when surrender and abandonment feel as justifiable as breathing. It is in those moments when the lies are at their quickest and deepest and loudest. But your substance and meaning can never be outweighed, and your measure was long ago taken.
Settle into your storm, it’s been waiting for you

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A Voluntary Poverty, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


Let us pray for our Sisters and Nuns that as they embrace their consecrated life the vow of poverty is more fully lived. Upon entering this new life, letting go of material goods can be a challenge for some. Help them to release willingly the things in their possession—the sentimental things given in love, an … Continue reading A Voluntary Poverty, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns

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TCC Sunday Reading Reflection – February 10, 2019


February 10, 2019

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

IS 6:1-2A, 3-8   PS 138:1-2, 2-3, 4-5, 7-8   1 COR 15:1-11   LK 5:1-11

The readings at Mass today are full of hope and promise, revealing the mysterious workings of God’s grace.

Namely this: we don’t have to be perfect in order to be an instrument of God. We simply have to let His perfect grace work through us, so that His will can be fulfilled in us and through us.

Isaiah feared the awesome holiness of God; St Paul described himself the most abnormal of all, reminding the Corinthians he once was the Church’s persecutor; and St Peter was ashamed to be in Christ’s presence. In other words, they all recognized their unworthiness. They weren’t expressing false humility. They knew how they compared to God, that they were far beneath Him. Yet God took these imperfect, flawed men, and accomplished the impossible through them.

We will never be perfect, obviously. But if we wait until we’re holy enough, good enough, or saintly enough, before accepting Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, then chances are we never will. Here’s the truth: the saints weren’t saints before following Jesus, only after having made that decision. They said “Yes Lord”, and His grace did the rest.

If Jesus tells you today to cast your net, do it. Have faith, and be amazed when His power accomplishes the impossible through you. The work will be difficult – the net may nearly break, and the boat may nearly sink – but God will remember His promises. We will toil more than all the rest, but our hope is assured. The bounty will be beyond our imagination, and the world will be changed, one soul at a time.

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