Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mother Mary Would Love this Blueberry Pie!


Summer celebrations are great fun! The weather is usually perfect for outdoor gatherings with foods made fresh from whatever is in abundance.
Here in Michigan, from June-September, the blueberries are in—big and plump and full of flavor. No more of the little half-pint containers trucked-in from states far, far away. Nope. For eight to ten weeks 2 lb

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Why Are There No First-Class Relics of Mary?


The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, celebrated annually on August 15, commemorates a Marian dogma that can be confusing for some and perhaps controversial… Continue reading

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Mother Mary Teach Them, Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


O Immaculate Virgin, help remove from the hearts of our holy women any reluctance to giving themselves fully to God. Keep them from being immersed in the things of earth. Teach them how pure their hearts ought to be, so that they will never refuse anything to the Lord, and will always be able to repeat with you their sweet, prompt fiat. Illumine their minds, then, with the light which emanates from your resplendent purity, so that no attachment, no earthly affection may remain hidden in them to prevent their leading a life truly and fully consecrated to God.  They have entrusted, in a very special way, a vow of chastity; guard it and make it pure, not only in body, but also in mind and heart

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The Choice


The Choice
To love with all of your heart can be seductive
Yet the heart on its own is too easily charmed
inverting affection for commitment and words
for fantasy
but the heart tempered by the world is frozen
and love lay paralyzed within its stinging walls
No middle way yet exists, it’s burning flame or
icy misery.
The Choice 
Copyright 2018
Image Credit: Pixabay

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Catholic Poetry

As your bloodied head hangs, fallen low
as the setting sun casts its final daylight towards you,
we who have heard your last cry heavenward rush into the darkness.
On our turning away, we look upon dimmed reflections of each other
hoping to remember where you have gone,
as if your last breathe was with a glance upon your own corpse, instead.
To whom can we turn as a full moon rises?
The sanctuary veil is torn, and in our lunacy
we put to siege the walls around our own treasury.
The gaurd tower falls confusing our tongues
And the stones of the steps are shaken about the cornerstone–
that solitary gaurd of the keys to the keep’s throne room.
Sin makes men worship curvatus in se

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New Webinar Coming…”Grace and Grit: How to Work Through Disappointment and Loss in Everyday Life”


At least once a day, over social media or in direct email, I am asked how I faced the grief and devastation left by my daughter’s death as well as other disappointments in my life, and still found a way to laugh. When I was brainstorming the next topic for a webinar, this question popped into my head right away, but I wanted to make sure it was what the Holy Spirit wanted so I took it to prayer.
After several weeks, I received my answer loud and clear while at Mass this morning. He said “Be brave in the scared. Be vulnerable

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Letters from Armorica- A Day of Rest (10 Août 34AF)


First Letter
Dear Journal,
I am not quite sure how it happened, but here in the encampment on L’Isle de Grand-Blaireau I have become the person everyone asks for permission to do things. It is a great nuisance and distraction, for I have many things of my own to attend to; but at times it becomes endearing.
Today, of course, is Sunday, a day of rest, and the day for Divine Worship; but we have no church here, and no way (even were it prudent) to transport everyone to Bois-de-Bas; though of course we have no priest in Bois-de-Bas either. We have been observing the day of rest in past weeks; the people are working hard all day every day, and need their rest, even if it were not customary. But today I had a deputation of men, led by Drunken Jacques (not that he has touched a drop since he arrived on the island) asking my leave to continue working today—to begin building a church here, and a bath house

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Homeless Detroit Man Given Proper Burial Thanks to Unlikely Friend


One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is “Bury the dead”. Tiffany Brocker, a Catholic mom of six from St. Clair Shores, selflessly did just that for Gordon King, a homeless man in Detroit. The two had been friends the … Continue reading →

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What Your 8th Grader Needs to Learn


My friend asked advice on what curriculum to use with her 8th grader who has been in school until now, but will be homeschooling this coming year.  Everyone shared their favorite programs, which is super helpful, because when you haven’t homeschooled for a while, or never, it’s great to get a list of all the … Continue reading What Your 8th Grader Needs to Learn

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Happy Feast of St. Lawrence!


Today is one of my favorite saint feast days, for obvious reasons. St Lawrence, Deacon of the early Church, martyr for the faith. Stood up to Roman authority. Funny guy. Patron of chefs

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