What They Say About AoftheA

“Larry, you so beautifully put the truth to words…I loved this entry so much I linked to it and featured it today on my blog.” – from Mary Rose

“Ya big smart-alish.” – from A Thorn In The Pew

“I like it. I’m linking to ya. Keep up the good work.” from the Mom

“The classics are classics for a reason. Thanks Larry and keep up the good work!” – from Patrick at CMR

“My God I love your blog!!” from Sarah at Ora et Labora

“Excellently written. I could not have said it any better.” – from Sarah at Ora et Labora, again!

“Outstanding post, Larry – I read this story earlier today and was livid. You put it into better words that I ever could.” – from Kit at By The Brook

“This has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time. I am disappointed I didn’t think of it. KUDOS and thanks for making me laugh!!” – from Simplex Vir at Lair of the Catholic Caveman

“…an excellent addition to the Catholic blogosphere!” – from Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy

“I find your blog inspiring, insightful, and wickedly funny (wickedly in a good way, of course).” – from Red Cardigan at And Sometimes Tea

“Hats off to Larry D from Acts of the Apostasy for this blog post. One of the best I’ve ever read Larry! Kudos to you.” – from David at David Obeid

“Dude! My only advice to you is take whatever the dr. prescribes. He’s only trying to help you. Funny. Funny stuff.” – from Matthew at CMR

“Terry says you’ve lost your mind, Larry. Naturally, I had to stop over. The pomposity had me worried at first but I see you’ve regained your self.” – from Cathy at The Recovering Dissident

“On the other hand there is LarryD. His forte is humor. & he can wield it pretty brutally when need be.” – from Al at Is Anybody There>

“I love this blog. It makes me look sane.” – from Cathy at The Recovering Dissident (again!)

“Larry D: You are the manliest man in Catholic blogdom.” – from Cathy at The Recovering Dissident (yet again!)

“You are the funniest man on the blogosphere.” – from Rebecca at Shoved To Them

The inimitable Larry of Acts of Apostasy came up with some brilliant responses… from Australia Incognita

“Larry D, who blogs at Acts of the Apostasy, one of the most intentionally funny Catholic websites not named Eye of the Tiber…” Donald McClarey at The American Catholic