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Anglicans Introduce New Lace Vestments for Casual Low Mass

(AoftheANews)– Canterbury – Church of England officials told AoftheA News this morning that they will be introducing a “casual Low Mass” in select churches this summer, in an effort to bring millennials and the younger generation back to the Churches. “We’ve … Continue reading

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Aragorn Is A Protestant…

…and clearly, the hobbits are Catholics. Ancient in Internet years (from Dec 2014), but I saw this on Facebook yesterday. Your friendly reminder to go to confession, you nasty Hobbitsessss… via Tumblr   Return to The Catholic Conspiracy

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Kathleen Parker Displays Religious Ignorance Of Biblical Proportions On CNN

I rarely blog on politics, but this appeared on my Twitter feed, and I couldn’t let it pass. A good number of talking heads in the mainstream media are religiously ignorant – we all know that – but Kathleen Parker’s … Continue reading

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Diocese Creates GoFundMe Page After Spending Funds On Powerball Tickets

(AoftheANews) WALLA WALLA – AoftheA News has learned that the Diocese of Walla Walla (Washington state) spent over a quarter of a million dollars on Wednesday’s $1.6 billion Powerball, and has created a GoFundMe account in order to recoup the money. According to … Continue reading

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