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Suicide and the Torment of Numbness

I am numb, through and through, and it is tortuous. A piece of my heart has been torn away, so I ought to be reeling in pain, but the shock runs too deep. I sense a hole in my chest, … Continue reading

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Brittany Maynard and the Sins of Our Times

It is such a shame that Brittany Maynard unnecessarily committed suicide. But it comes as no surprise given the state of our culture and the upheaval created by so-called bright thinkers and enlightened progressives. Sadly, she becomes the latest poster child of … Continue reading

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The Deep Night Of Lost Innocence

As parents, Mrs LarryD and I have worked hard to keep the Sons protected from the things they needed to be protected from as they have grown.  Shielding them from filth and teaching them to avoid bad influences, helping them … Continue reading

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