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BREAKING! Vatican Considers Hosting Flat Earth Theory Synod in 2018

(AoftheANews) – VATICAN CITY – Unconfirmed reports from the Eternal City indicate that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is close to announcing a Flat Earth Theory Synod for some time in 2018. According to the AoftheA News Vatican Bureau, two … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on the Al Smith Dinner

When Jesus said “Feed my sheep”, not sure this was what he meant. Talk about feeding the hands that bite you, huh? Return to The Catholic Conspiracy

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Dissident Group ‘A Church For Our Daughters’ Petitions U.S. Catholic Bishops

Apparently the Church needs another professional group of aggrieved persons. There’s so much overlap among these activists, you can stack ’em like cord-wood. At 12:01 PM Pacific Time, the latest non-Catholic Catholic organization to join the pantheon of the perpetually offended,  “A Church … Continue reading

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Pentecost, Birth Of The Catholic Church

Happy birthday to us! There ain’t no party like a Catholic party! And to our separated brethren – hey, we’ll save you some cake and ice cream. Cos we’re all ecumenical like around here. Don’t miss anything – like Acts of … Continue reading

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