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BREAKING! Vatican Considers Hosting Flat Earth Theory Synod in 2018

(AoftheANews) – VATICAN CITY – Unconfirmed reports from the Eternal City indicate that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is close to announcing a Flat Earth Theory Synod for some time in 2018. According to the AoftheA News Vatican Bureau, two … Continue reading

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TED Talk: Fasting Boosts Brain Power

This TED talk’s a couple years old, which means I’m probably the last person to have seen it, but so what. I think it’s cool. It’s a bit lengthy, but worth watching. Who knew that something which is good for our souls, … Continue reading

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Abortion Supporters Believe In Magic

Saw this on Facebook.   Life begins at conception – that’s science. Personhood begins at conception – that’s metaphysics. There’s nothing magical about it. via Abolitionist Society of New Haven; comic created by Adam Ford (( Don’t miss any of … Continue reading

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The End Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

I’m not picking dates when Christ returns, or predicting the Big Earthquake, or anything like that. That isn’t what this is about. But I’ve read four stories in the past week that point out the inevitable: Robots will become our overlords. … Continue reading

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