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Vatican Unveils ‘Papal Isolation Chamber’ for Future Papal Trips

(AoftheANews) VATICAN CITY – Vatican officials this afternoon unveiled a new special handling container for Pope Francis to be used on future papal trips, to prevent the Holy Father from giving anymore embarrassing airplane interviews. Dubbed The Vatican PF-1000 Papal Isolation Chamber, it is … Continue reading

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Vatican: Pope Francis Seen Playing Pokemon GO at 2 AM Around Rome

(AoftheANews) ROME – Vatican officials have confirmed with AoftheA News that reports of Pope Francis sneaking out of the Vatican during early morning hours to play Pokémon Go in and around Rome are accurate. “The rumors are true. He’s been seen … Continue reading

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Catholic Theologian: Is Pope Francis Really Pro-life if He’s Silent on Overpopulation?

Ever notice that people who wring their hands about over-population are already alive? Weird, huh? From Huffington Post: The Blog – “Is Pope Francis Pro-life? The Perplexing Silence in Laudato Si’ on Human Overpopulation” by Peter Hess, PhD. A year after the highly … Continue reading

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The Vatican Safety Awareness Sign

You ever see in small businesses or manufacturing companies, those Workplace Safety Awareness signs posted around, touting how many consecutive days they’ve gone without a workplace accident? I see them all the time on account of my job, and they serve as … Continue reading

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