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Vatican Officials: “Sorry, We Thought Francis Had Run Out of Crazy Stuff to Say”

(AoftheA News) – Vatican Communications Office members issued a formal apology yesterday, for having incorrectly assumed that Pope Francis had “run out of crazy things to say” earlier in the year, only to be caught off guard by several recent … Continue reading

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The Solemnity of the Perpetual Transferal of the Ascension

It wouldn’t hurt to go to Mass today, even if you don’t “have” to. How and when did this transferal in the US take place? Glad you asked. Here’s what the USCCB website says about it, in part: In accord … Continue reading

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If it’s Holy Thursday, it Must Be Time to Discuss Foot Washing

If it’s Holy Thursday, and it’s St Blog’s Parish, then it’s time to bring up the foot washing foofaraw. I know Pope Francis modified the rubrics in 2016, and that the USCCB has officially updated them and followed suit, and that … Continue reading

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Whenever I See Communion Line Blessings…

…this goes through my mind. Communion line blessings are a liturgical innovation that needs to stop. There’s no ancient tradition supporting it, and no need for it other than to make people feel included. I get it – most people don’t like … Continue reading

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