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Jesus Is Not Your Political Party Poster Boy

Saw this meme on Facebook yesterday – hadn’t heard of John Fugelsang before this (he’s an actor/comedian, which makes him a highly qualified theologian, doncha know ). One thing I do know is, logic and critical thinking are not his … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at the USCCB…

That’s right folks – since the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, falls on a Monday in 2018, the precept to attend Mass is abrogated. It’s been this way in the United States since 1992. It’s almost as if the … Continue reading

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John the Baptist, Current Year

Meet John the Baptist, Current Year. Patron saint of accommodation. This is who we are now, doncha know. Catholics are writing books about it and preaching about it and everything. Expect more John the Baptist, CY memes! Return to The … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Watching

Taking “graven images” to a whole new level. A part of me wants this for my tombstone. This is so wrong, it’s almost right. h/t Catholic Memes Return to The Catholic Conspiracy

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