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Jesus Is Not Your Political Party Poster Boy

Saw this meme on Facebook yesterday – hadn’t heard of John Fugelsang before this (he’s an actor/comedian, which makes him a highly qualified theologian, doncha know ). One thing I do know is, logic and critical thinking are not his … Continue reading

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So God Made A Liberal

If you liked the “So God Made A Farmer” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday (and in my opinion, it was the best commercial of the night), then you’re gonna appreciate this parody of sorts. Spot on … Continue reading

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Democrat Messianism…

…is alive and well. Let me warn you – the following may make you throw up in your mouth in a little. The more desperate the Democrats become, the more extreme they will become. I expect this kind of stuff … Continue reading

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LCWR Assembly Issues CDF Response

The full text is here.  It’s a PDF, so the best I can do is link to it. Their response can be distilled down to these two short paragraphs: The assembly instructed the LCWR officers to conduct their conversation with … Continue reading

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