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Jesus Is Not Your Political Party Poster Boy

Saw this meme on Facebook yesterday – hadn’t heard of John Fugelsang before this (he’s an actor/comedian, which makes him a highly qualified theologian, doncha know ). One thing I do know is, logic and critical thinking are not his … Continue reading

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Suicide and the Torment of Numbness

I am numb, through and through, and it is tortuous. A piece of my heart has been torn away, so I ought to be reeling in pain, but the shock runs too deep. I sense a hole in my chest, … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: The Person I See

(I’ve dusted off an older post you might’ve missed the first time around – this one ran back on 12/8/11) I have a good friend who struggles with living the faith in this secular world about as much as I do.  We … Continue reading

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Grace From A Dying Friend

V, one of my closest and dearest friends, is dying. The cancer in his liver has become unmanageable and untreatable. Earlier this week, he was placed in home hospice care, and just this afternoon, he was transferred to a nearby hospice … Continue reading

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