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Man Says Apocalypse to Occur 9/23, Available for Interviews Next Week

This is absolutely priceless. I love it. From It is not known whether David Meade is losing confidence in his prediction the apocalypse will begin on Saturday, September 23, or whether he, like many others, believes the process will … Continue reading

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When SkyNet Becomes Self-Aware…

…at least there will still be some entertainment. ht Laughing Squid Return to The Catholic Conspiracy

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This is bad.  Very very bad. From The American Thinker: A British pork industry group is predicting serious shortages next year that are now “unavoidable.”  Fox News: A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is “now unavoidable,” a … Continue reading

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Civilization Is Cooked!

Not because of so-called same-sex marriage, or an Obama 2nd term (although that would certainly accelerate the doomage), or a nuclear Iran or a zombie apocalypse or even, dare I say it, a Broadway musical production of Friends. All those … Continue reading

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