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BREAKING! Vatican Considers Hosting Flat Earth Theory Synod in 2018

(AoftheANews) – VATICAN CITY – Unconfirmed reports from the Eternal City indicate that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is close to announcing a Flat Earth Theory Synod for some time in 2018. According to the AoftheA News Vatican Bureau, two … Continue reading

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Art Historian: Image On Turin Shroud Proves Resurrection Didn't Happen

Er….saywhatnow? Okay, a few things here.  First of all, it’s Lent, and we’re less than 2 weeks from Easter.  Such stories are to be expected.  Secondly, I’m still trying to grasp his claim, and on the face of it, it … Continue reading

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Breaking News!!!

Ready for this? The Church is behind the push for the New World Order! The End Times are heading our way!! This is it – it’s right around the corner! Stay away from the corner! It all makes so much … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Dan Brown’s Next Novel Idea!

Dear Mr. Brown: You must be very excited about Angels and Demons opening this weekend – I have no idea what the movie’s about, but it’s generated a lot of buzz across the Internet, and even Bill Donahue has gotten … Continue reading

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