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Men, Now is the Time! Again!

This is it, men – those of you who blog. It’s our chance to take control of the Catholic blogosphere. Here’s what’s going down. Catholic Mommy Bloggers from the world over are congregating in Austin this weekend for the third Edel … Continue reading

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Papal Silent Retreat Has Rad Trad Catholic Bloggers Bored from Lack of Outrage

(AoftheANews) – When Pope Francis left for the Casa Divin Maestro retreat house on Sunday to begin a five-day silent retreat, Catholic bloggers who regularly criticize his every word were grateful for a reprieve from what they consider to be a daily assault on the … Continue reading

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Interview: Erin Manning, Author of “A Smijj of Adventure”

Erin Manning, author of The Tales of Telmaja series, longtime Catholic blogger at And Sometimes Tea, and friend of AoftheA, agreed to be interviewed about her novel A Smijj of Adventure , the second installment in the aforementioned series. We discussed … Continue reading

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Back To Blogging, and a Return to Basics

Hey y’all! Sorry for the temporary dearth of posts at AoftheA – NaNoWriMo was my top priority during November (see that NaNoWriMo widget in the sidebar where it says “Winner”? That’s right, I’m a winner!), but it’s over now. I’m grateful for … Continue reading

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