When There’s Clapping During the Mass…

Headache Meme Applause Mass Catholic


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LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.
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3 Responses to When There’s Clapping During the Mass…

  1. SundaySilence says:


  2. Erin Manning says:

    I had a headache like that last Sunday. (Migraine, actually.) Went to a church that featured elderly people playing guitars, bongos, maracas, and a rainstick. Applause would have seemed comparatively holy and reverent. And you kids can get off my lawn.

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