PARISH REPORT: Priest Takes Stand-up Homily Routine to Local Comedy Club

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(AoftheANews) – OCALA – Priests participate in a wide variety of ministries, such as visiting prisons, hospitals, and schools, but for one priest, he found a second calling in visiting someplace rather unique: the local comedy club. Fr. Joe Kerr, pastor of Our Lady of Good Humor parish in downtown Ocala, has been performing comedy at Sir Laughs-a-lot Comedy Club for the past three months.

“My parishioners have consistently told me that my sermons make them laugh,” Fr Kerr told AoftheA News, “so I thought, maybe I should take my stand up homily routine on the road. I attended an open mike night at Sir Laughs-a-lot back in November, and got an awesome reception. I go there several Fridays a month now.”

The response didn’t come as a complete surprise. “In 2006, I was voted Class Clown at the seminary. All these years later, and the Holy Spirit has drawn me to where He wants me to be.”

His stand-up homily routine has drawn the attention of some of the late-night shows, as well.

“I’ve gotten a couple calls from Jimmy Kimmel, and an email from Craig Ferguson. I’m considering my options.”

Most times, Fr Kerr repeats his homily from the previous Sunday, but lately he’s been trying out new material on the club crowd. “I’ve found the process truly helps me to hone my homily for the upcoming weekend Masses. It’s been a total blast.”

Fr Kerr’s next performance is Friday, March 2 at Sir Laughs-a-lot. Tickets are $15.00 at the door, with proceeds going to a diocesan appeal established to help seminarians write funnier homilies.

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