PARISH REPORT: Man Charged With Hate Crime for Refusing to Hold Hands During Our Father

(AoftheANews) – CARROLLTON – Police confirmed Tuesday that a parishioner from Sts Haugen and Haas was charged with a hate crime when he refused to hold the hand of the woman standing next to him during the Our Father, at this Sunday’s 10:30 AM Mass.

“We take these things very seriously,” Lt. Mel Feezence told AoftheA News. “Hate crimes are no joking matter.”

According to witnesses, as the Our Father started, the woman (who’s name is being witheld during the course of the investigation) gestured to grasp the hand of the man next to her. He steadfastly held his hands together in prayer, despite her repeated attempts to wrest his hands apart, and hold his right hand. She became distraught at his lack of hospitality and sanctity, and immediately after Holy Communion, dialed 9-1-1. The police waited in the gathering space to arrest the man once Mass ended.

“We’ve identified the alleged perp as Mr. Trey Dishun, charged him with a hate crime, and took him to the county jail,” Feezence said. “It’s sad these things still happen in the post-Vatican II church, but what can you do? The woman felt violated, that her right to hold the hand of darn well anyone she wants to was denied.”

Other witnesses told AoftheA News that Dishun routinely refrained from applauding at the end of Mass, and most times received Communion on the tongue.

“Blatant acts of hate and intolerance will not be tolerated,” Fr. Kyle Clappy said. “I hope this serves as an example to all, that you have to love your neighbor in whatever way we say you have to.”

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  1. Tom Perna says:

    This is so funny! LOL!

  2. SundaySilence says:

    Wow. “The police waited in the gathering space … “. I’d thought the SWAT team would have been sent in due to the seriousness of this crime. LOL!

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