BREAKING! 62 Parishioners Issue Filial Correction to Organist for Playing ‘Amazing Grace’, Accused of “Propagating Heresies”

(AoftheANews) – ROME – AoftheA News has learned that 62 parishioners of a Rome parish sent their organist a ‘letter of filial correction’ last month, stating that his insistence on playing Amazing Grace was “propagating heresies”. The organist, Dr. Ivagotta Rithiminnmi, has held his position for the past four and a half years.

AoftheA News obtained a copy of the letter, which begins by saying that with “profound grief but moved by fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ, and by love for the Church, and by filial devotion toward yourself” the 62 signatories were “compelled” to issue this letter “on account of the propagation of heresies.”

Particularly noted was the organist’s insistence on playing Amazing Grace during Sunday liturgies, including “pretty much 80% of the contents of the Oregon Catholic Press hymnal”, and a direct reference to “the banality and tangential heretical spirit of the Lenten piece of crap called Ashes. For the love of all that is holy, man – just stop.”

The parishioners “respectfully insist” that the organist condemn the heresies that he has directly or indirectly played during the Mass, and that he lead the congregation with hymns that express the truth of the Catholic faith in its integrity.

Dr. Rithiminnmi has not responded to the letter, and calls to his office have not been returned. The parish pastor was unavailable for comment.

The filial correction is the first to be issued since 1979, when a midtown New York parish music director conducted a “Disco Mass” complete with discoball and lasers.

The signatories emphasize they are not accusing the organist of formal heresy, and are making “no judgment about Dr Rithiminnmi’s culpability in propagating musical heresy” as it is “not their task to judge about whether the sin of heresy has been committed.”

However, they aver there are better, more appropriate Catholic hymns for Mass, and “we officially state for the record the tambourine rhythm section has to go, too.”

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One Response to BREAKING! 62 Parishioners Issue Filial Correction to Organist for Playing ‘Amazing Grace’, Accused of “Propagating Heresies”

  1. Joseph Moore says:

    Well, they have a point…

    I’ve loved the idea, since I first heard it, of funding real music at Mass by agreeing to ban any hymn for a year that a parishioner is willing to lay down, oh, $100 not to hear. I’d pay to not hear Jebbies, Hagan-Haas and What is this Place? for a year. Bet they could raise at least a few grand in many parishes.

    What could go wrong?

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