PARISH REPORT: Local KofC Chapter Unveils New Fourth Degree Uniform

(AoftheANews) – PEORIA – Local Knights of Columbus Chapter 247 unveiled their revised design of the uniform and regalia for fourth degree knights, effective immediately.

Instead of the familiar capes, chapeaus, and swords, members will be wearing chain shirts covered by white mantles emblazoned with either the KofC logo or medieval cross, gauntlets, classic helms with visor, and will carry shields. Members will have the option of brandishing swords, maces, or lances.

The local board of directors unanimously voted to update the traditional regalia, telling AoftheA News they have “decided that the time is right for an even more traditional look of the fourth-degree uniform.”

“The board felt that the order needs to respond to changing times,” chapter president Cam Payner said. “The changes are based on Ephesians 6:10-20, and so far, the response has been positive.”

“Way cooler than the ones they just came out with,” one prospective recruit told AoftheA News. “Those look like wardrobe rejects from Stargate. These are awesome!”

Another young man agreed. “These make me feel honored to be Catholic, to defend the faith. Where do I sign up?”

Bishop Daniel Jenky, head of the Peoria Diocese, reportedly likes the new uniform as well. A spokesman told AoftheA News that the bishop remarked they would be useful should Archbishop Fulton J Sheen’s remains need to be removed from New York by force.

Photo credit: gminguzzi via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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3 Responses to PARISH REPORT: Local KofC Chapter Unveils New Fourth Degree Uniform

  1. bear says:

    I think this would draw in more young’uns than the new uniform.

    • Viterbo Fangirl says:

      Completely agree! Especially with choice of sword, lance, or mace. Any news about the outfits for the Women’s Auxiliary?

  2. SFC Bernard Offley, USA Ret says:

    If I want to look like a veteran, I’ll wear my US Army uniform or one from one of the veteran’s organization I belong to. Just think how the Siss Guards would look in a modern military uniform with an automatic weapon

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