PARISH REPORT: 2nd Vigil Mass Added as “Brisket & Beer Hour” Doubles Attendance

(AoftheANews) – BOERNE, TX – St Lawrence of Rome, located in downtown Boerne, became the first parish in North America to offer two Saturday vigil Masses, in order to accommodate a tremendous increase in attendance after introducing ‘Brisket & Beer Hour’ following the Mass.

“We began the ‘Brisket & Beer Hour’ a month ago, after the 4:30 PM Mass,” Fr Weber, pastor of St Lawrence, told AoftheA News. “Within a couple weeks, attendance had doubled, and it was standing room only. I added a 6:30 PM Mass last Saturday, and 350 people showed up.”

The idea to serve brisket and beer after Mass originated with Director of Hospitality Charles Broyle.

“I wanted to do something different for the vigil Mass,” he said. “We’ve been serving coffee and donuts after the 10 AM Sunday Mass for years, just like every other parish do. I asked myself, what can we do different, to draw people to our parish? To be all friendly like. Then it struck me. Who in Texas doesn’t like brisket and beer? Practically nobody.”

A parishioner volunteers the use of his smoker, while other parishioners donate the brisket and several kegs of beer weekly. Freewill donations go towards the purchase of coleslaw, Dr. Pepper for the non-drinkers, paper products, and smoking woods such as mesquite and hickory.

“We fire up that bad boy at 9 AM,” Broyle explained, “and by the time the 4:30 Mass ends, we’re serving the best brisket west of the Pecos. The smoke rings be so beautiful, they make a grown man weep with joy.”

Fr Weber explained that there’s a one beer maximum for the adults. “I’d rather my flock be drunk on the Holy Spirit, than on a Shiner Bock or Bud.”

When asked what is done with any leftover brisket, Broyle slapped his knee and laughed. “Leftovers? This is Texas, son. There ain’t ever no leftover brisket in Texas!”

Photo credit: thermionics via / CC BY

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