PARISH REPORT: First Communion Canceled Due to Felt Material Shortage

(AoftheANews) – BURLINGTON – Shock and dismay rippled through Our Lady of Good Vibrations parish this past Sunday, as the First Communion Mass was canceled due to a lack of felt material, which prevented the communicants from making their sacramental banners.

“We are extremely disappointed,” Fr. Pace Tanglew told AoftheA News. “The kids have worked and studied so hard to prepare for this day – spiritually, emotionally, and of course, artistically. Naturally, they’re upset. The arts and crafts portion of First Communion is a huge deal for them, and for the community.”

Polly Esther Purl, the parish Director of Catechesis, apologized profusely for the mistake. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am – for the kids, for their parents, for the professional photographers. I really thought enough felt was available, and didn’t think to check. There were only a few scraps left in the crafts cupboard.”

Traditionally, the communicants-to-be arrive at the parish hall the day before the First Communion Mass to create their sacramental banners. It was then when Purl made the fateful discovery.

“Telling the kids they wouldn’t be able to make banners…the looks on their faces…the dejection, the betrayal. It will haunt me forever.”

Fr. Tanglew told AoftheA News the Mass will be rescheduled, once additional felt is purchased. “I’m confident we can get this done in two weeks. We may have to cancel the Catholic Services Appeal video announcement to do so, but the bishop will understand. It’s for the children, after all.”

Early reports indicate the Confirmation students had used the felt for their banners last month, and being teenagers, they failed to tell anyone they used it all.

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  1. Robert Simms says:

    A real sticky situation for Fr. Pace Tanglew.

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