Pope Francis Approves Miracle Attributed to Solanus Casey

Early this morning, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints to promulgate several decrees, the first of which was a miracle attributed to the intercession of Venerable Servant of God Fr Solanus Casey. This decree will lead to his beatification, which will declare him Blessed Solanus Casey. This is fantastic news!

The Solanus Casey Center is located at St Bonaventure’s in downtown Detroit, and I have the opportunity to visit there quite often – mostly to take advantage of the Sacrament of Penance, which is offered hourly every weekday. Solanus is buried at the site, and visitors are encouraged to leave written prayers and intercessions atop his tomb. The Center is a true gem, and worthy pilgrimage site.

And now Solanus is going to be a Blessed! This is great news for the Church at large, and for the Archdiocese of Detroit, and for Michigan. Solanus Casey will be the state’s first Blessed (though he was born in Wisconsin). God willing a second miracle will soon be attributed to Solanus’ intercession, after which he will be canonized a saint.

I wrote a post several years ago about visiting the Center here, which includes more photos of the church and exhibit on Solanus’ life.

If you live in or near Michigan, I strongly encourage you to visit Solanus and the Center. It is a site of many blessings and graces, upon whose grounds a holy, devout man – a future saint – worked and prayed.

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  1. puzzleannie says:

    my brother is one of thousands cured through the intercession of Fr Solanus, As a child he suffered from mastoiditis, a dangerous ear infection now rare since antibiotics. My mother, a recent convert, heard about Fr. Solanus from one of the nuns at the hospital in downtown Detroit and went to him for help. She told her my brother would be fine, and he was healed with no further damage, that was over 60 years ago. She related this story to my sister in law, a non-Catholic, and I only heard it after her death but knew of mom’s devotion to Fr. Solanus.

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