God Drops, Loses Ganymede While Juggling Jupiter’s Moons Last Night

(AoftheANews) – THE HEAVENS – God, Creator of All That Is Visible and Invisible, admitted to AoftheA News this morning that he accidentally lost Ganymede while juggling Jupiter’s moons last night.

“I’ve been juggling as a hobby for millennia now,” the Maker of Heaven and Earth told AoftheA News. “It’s incredibly relaxing after a long, stressful day on the Judgment Seat. Still, I probably shouldn’t have attempted juggling Jupiter’s 16 moons at once.”

NASA and amateur star-gazers discovered this morning that Ganymede was missing.

“Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed. Was hoping no one would have noticed before I could find it and put it back,” God the Almighty Father said. “I lost concentration for just a second when some believer prayed for something or other. I dropped it, and it rolled under the Andromeda Galaxy. It’s probably all the way back in the corner, too. And it’s such a tight squeeze, I can’t reach it.  I’ll send in a legion of angels later to roll it out.”

The Unmoved Mover assured AoftheA News that he’ll juggle moons in a different solar system from now on. “I got lucky this time. Ganymede easily could have collided with Earth and wiped out the entire planet, kinda like that time with the dinosaurs…”

Image via Wikimedia

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