PARISH REPORT: Coffee Hour Staff Exercises, Prepares for Big Easter Sunday Crowds

(AoftheANews) – CHESTERFIELD – Staff and volunteers for the after-Mass Coffee Hour at St. Timothy the Glazed parish have been preparing themselves all Lent for Easter Sunday in much the same way most Catholics have been doing – penance, alms-giving, and praying – but they’ve added something else to their routine.


Hospitality Chairperson Kristy Kreem told AoftheA News that she wanted her staff and volunteers to be in the best shape possible – physically as well as spiritually – for the larger-than-usual Sunday crowd.

“Attendance will be double what St Tim’s normally has,” she said. “I can’t afford to have staff fainting from fatigue keeping fresh donuts and bagels on the tables at all times, or struggling to replace coffee urns, or stumbling around with pitchers of juice and Kool-Aid.”

To prevent problems from occurring, she incorporated mandatory exercise classes four nights a week back in mid-March, led by a certified crossfit coach.

“We will have the most fit, most prepared, strongest, fastest Coffee Hour crew in America,” she said. “Listen, kids will be crashing pretty hard from their pre-Mass Easter candy sugar highs, bouncing off the walls once Mass ends. We have to be ready to serve, serve, serve. Parents will be relying on us, which means lots of hot, fresh coffee.”

Kristy will have second-string staff on stand-by in the kitchen, should someone blow a knee or twist an ankle. “I learned my lesson two Easters ago when three servers went down with injuries during the 10:00 AM Coffee Hour. Proper conditioning would’ve prevented those from happening.”

Kristy considers her role as Hospitality Chairperson more than just making people feel welcome at St. Tim’s. “I take what I call the Donut Holistic approach to hospitality: I can’t give my whole to you if I have a hole in me. I read that somewhere on Pinterest, and it’s stuck with me ever since. It’s a beautiful Easter message that captures the true Christian spirit, I think.”

Photo credit: josefjer via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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