PARISH REPORT: Area Man Transitioning From Novus Ordo to TLM Catholic

(AoftheANews) – AKRON – In what’s being described as courageous and brave, 21 year old local Catholic Adam Tayshin told his parish priest at Church of the Transfiguration this past weekend that he is in the process of transitioning from a Novus Ordo Catholic to a Traditional Latin Mass one.

“It wasn’t easy,” Tayshin told AoftheANews, “but my parents and fiancee have been incredibly supportive during this time of self-discovery, and that’s been a tremendous help.”

Tayshin said he was raised as a Novus Ordo Catholic, but never felt comfortable with that label. “It was weird, because my parents were born and raised as Novus Ordo’s, but since turning ten years old, I began to feel I was born a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic.”

Tayshin’s parents are both in their mid-40’s, and have never attended a Latin Mass, yet they’ve been unwavering in their support of his decision to transition.

“He’s still our son, and I’m proud of his courage and bravery,” Mrs Tayshin explained. “He’s the same person regardless of how he self-identifies. We will always love him. I just hope he doesn’t lose his passion for social justice issues, or stops being a nice person, once his transition finalizes.”

“My suspicions started when Adam began insisting on wearing formal clothes to Mass, like a shirt and tie with dress slacks, rather than a t-shirt and shorts, or jeans,” Mr Tayshin explained. “He was barely eleven at the time. I later found an ‘English to Latin’ translation program on his computer, and that confirmed it.”

Tayshin’s fiancee Anne der Stanndink is equally supportive, despite self-identifying as a Novus Ordo Catholic. “Adam told me about his transitioning when we started dating, and frankly it’s not an issue for me. What’s most important is what makes him happy. I’m not going to stand in his way of being the person God created him to be.”

Adam’s transition process has included immersive Latin studies, polyphony therapy, and aggressive conscience formation sessions. All that remains is a six-month vaccination protocol, to protect against ecumenicitis, active participation, and the urge to be accommodating.

“Unfortunately, my parents’ health insurance plan won’t pay for the vaccinations, so I’m working two jobs to cover the costs. I’ll be able to afford it in about three months’ time.”

The USCCB and CDC don’t keep statistics on Mass Form Transitioning, but it’s estimated that 15-20% of Novus Ordo Catholics self-identity as Latin Mass Catholics, but are either too afraid to come out publicly, or don’t have a Latin Mass in their immediate vicinity at which to attend. That number is predicted to rise given the current climate in the Church.

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  1. Robert Simms says:

    Sadly, in real life a gender transitioning person would probably find more acceptance in the Church than someone transitioning from NO to TLM.

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