The #MarchForLife Defining Moment

As I write this, Vice President Mike Pence is speaking to the crowds gathered in Washington DC for the annual March for Life. For the first time in the history of the pro-life demonstration, a vice-president is a keynote speaker, and not only that – it was carried live by CNN.

CNN is covering the March for Life. Live. Let that sink in for a moment.

True, they’re calling it an “anti-abortion rally” or some such thing, but it’s being covered. President Trump deserves a lot of credit for this, mentioning the March’s lack of coverage during his interview with ABC on Wednesday, and adding support to the event by having VP Pence speak. Is this yuge? Well, it certainly is a departure from what we’ve seen the previous eight years, that’s for darn sure. The previous decades even. So yeah, it’s huge.

There’s a temptation to get carried away by the positive nature of these changes, though. These changes are incredible, no doubt, and we have every reason to be amazed and to celebrate. And hopefully we’ll see just as much – if not more – support next year. Revel in the realization that we don’t have an ardent supporter of abortion in the executive office. But let’s not forget that abortion won’t end in America until hearts and minds are changed. The battle over abortion is largely a spiritual one, and while we have science, truth, and God on our side, it will still take time, effort, sacrifice, and lots and lots of prayer to end this scourge.

Don’t get me wrong – Trump and Pence aren’t perfect in every respect, but they appear to be ardent allies of the unborn. We need them to also be defenders of the unwed moms, the problem pregnancy centers, the sidewalk counselors, and the pharmacists and doctors striving to abide by their firmly held convictions. Appointments and policy proposals will reveal much of their commitment and intents. Time will tell, and I remain cautiously hopeful.

Of course, there are some Catholics who are convinced this “support” is just the latest hoodwink move by the GOP, and Trump is an awful person who really doesn’t care. The GOP gleefully tramples the seamless garment whenever it’s expedient, playing the pro-life movement for suckers. All sorts of evil is being planned in the shadows while Pence and Co. stands in the light upon the rally stage. They aren’t pro-life enough, if at all.

Okay, maybe they aren’t. It sounds to me, though, that the Chicken-Littles are more bound to their political biases than to promoting the cause of the pro-life movement. What’s happening in Washington is a new pro-life movement moment, and that is worth celebrating.

Perhaps years from now, we can look back to this day and hour as when the tide began to turn – continued to turn. The country is more pro-life than the media reports, after all. Could this be the movement’s defining moment? It is too early to tell. “Early days still”, as I’ve heard it said. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, there are many souls to win, and many babies to save from the mills.

We are firmly upon the path, but we’re still a far ways from reaching the destination.

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