PARISH REPORT: Sommelier Awards Top Prize to Church with Best Sacramental Wine

(AoftheANews) – NAPA VALLEY – Parishioners at Our Lady of Chardonnay were all smiles and cheers when renowned Master Sommelier Merle O’Steward announced that their church won the Gold Award for best sacramental wine for the third consecutive year.

“We’re simply ecstatic,” Fr. Val Policella told AoftheA News. “To win three years in a row is a testament to our unyielding commitment to providing our parishioners and visitors only the best sacramental wine experience.”

O’Steward ranked the sacramental wines of all the parishes in the Napa Valley, comparing appearance, color, aroma, and bouquet. Here is what he wrote of Our Lady of Chardonnay’s:

“A vibrant white wine, reflecting light with unbidding brilliance, casting a golden hue, reminiscent of burgeoning wheat at the peak of ripeness, kissed by the rays of the eventide sun. Its aroma releases hints of fragrant vanilla blossoms and lightly crushed lavender blooms. It’s rich, full body leaves a smooth aftertaste that lingers like the grace after a good confession.”

Maintaining their position in the Napa Valley will be good for Mass attendance, Fr Policella said. “Especially since we changed our after Mass coffee hour with wine-tasting. You’d be amazed at how many people are showing up for Mass.”

Fr. Policella declined to reveal the name of the winery that supplies their sacramental wine. “We prefer to keep our source a secret. Even the bishop doesn’t know.”

Photo credit: Stockton350 via Visual hunt / CC BY

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