PARISH REPORT: Church Installs Domino’s Pizza-like ‘Confession Trackers’

(AoftheANews) – ANN ARBOR – Parishioners at Sts. Totino & DiGiorno in Ann Arbor MI discovered this past weekend that theirs was the first parish in the US to be outfitted with the latest in sacramental technology, the Confession Tracker.

Pastor Father Matt Zerella was ecstatic with the installation. “This puts our parish at the cutting edge of pastoral applied science,” he told AoftheA News. “With the Confession Tracker, penitents in confessional lines will know exactly where the person ahead of them is in the reconciliation process.”

Development of the Confession Trackers was inspired by Domino’s Pizza’s online ordering tool, the Pizza Tracker, which allows the customer to ‘watch’ their pizza be prepared, baked, and made ready for pick-up or delivery. As the pizza making process progresses, the tracker bar changes color in conjunction with that particular stage.

The Confession Trackers have been installed above the confessionals’ doors. When a person enters the confessional, the confessor flicks the 1st stage switch, the “Greeting”. Then, as the penitent moves through the other four stages of the sacrament, the confessor flicks subsequent switches that allows those in line to know how far along the penitent is.

“I’m so excited to use this technology, I’m scheduling a special confession hour for this Thursday evening,” Fr Zerella said. “It’s what being pastoral is all about.”

Sacrament Coordinator Ann Chovee told AoftheA News that integrating technology into Confession will attract people back to the sacrament. “Especially the younger people. In fact, we’re developing an app for iOS and Android, so people won’t even have to look up from their phones while waiting in line. This is the level of customer service people want in the Catholic Church today.”

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