Fr Pavone Displays Aborted Baby on an Altar in Video for Trump


(Plenty of Catholic bloggers more eloquent than I have written about this, but that’s no reason not to contribute my two pennies.)

I’m not showing or linking to the Facebook Live video Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priest for Life, posted on Sunday. I love you guys way too much to subject any of you to that – if you want to watch it, you’ll have to Google it. It’s about 44 minutes long.

Fr Pavone’s video shows an aborted baby on a holy altar and uses it in order to justify voting for Donald Trump. Full disclosure: I tried to watch the video, but stopped about four minutes in. Just.couldn’ It felt exploitative (because it was), and showed a total disregard for the humanity and intrinsic dignity of the baby. This baby was objectified, a prop for a political campaign. I know Fr. Pavone is fond of saying “America won’t end abortion until it sees abortion”, but this stunt – on a consecrated altar of all places – went way beyond the pale. The ends never – never! – justify the means. I’m as pro-life as they come, and this video was not pro-life. It was pro-Pavone.

But I do want to thank Fr. Pavone for one thing. His video inspired me to donate to the pro-life cause. Below is a screenshot of my donation verification, made last evening.


(It reads: Thank You Larry. Your donation of $25 has been processed. Thank you for your financial support of Secular Pro-Life!)

Dear Pro-Life groups: If you state on your website that you’ve never endorsed Donald Trump, or weren’t a member of his Advisory Board, or aren’t affiliated with PFL – you can have my money. Being pro-life means saving people, not using people.

Scott Eric Alt, who writes at To Give A Defense, published an excellent post excoriating Fr. Pavone for the stunt, and makes the case for having his faculties suspended. Check it out.

Image source: via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

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