Things Not Said by St. Lawrence

Today is the feast day of St Lawrence, my patron saint. I love this guy. Tradition has it, that as he was being martyred, he told his persecutors “Now you may turn me over, my body is roasted enough on this side.” It didn’t get a ton of laughs, but I bet his tormentors thought it was crazy nonetheless. They probably talked about it for weeks.

Here are some things he didn’t say (as far as we know):








Happy feast day to all the other Larry’s and Lawrence’s out there!

(originally posted 8/10/2011, with modifications)

(Art: The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, by Valentin de Buologne, 1621-22)

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  1. Terry Nelson says:

    Oh. Hello Larry.

    I posted the exact same picture.

  2. Terri says:

    And God said “Well done”

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