Who's Got The Better Catholic Bloggers? Detroit Or Chicago?

Now you might think this post is vain, or perhaps controversial, or maybe a little self-serving, or completely silly and ridiculous.  I mean, who really cares which city has the better bloggers? Probably nobody.  And how could you measure it? Beats me.  And how many people in Chicago even know how to read, or use the Internet?

Okay, that last one was a cheap shot, but I couldn’t resist.

For you hockey fans out there, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are currently underway.  The Detroit Red Wings (yay!!) are in the middle of a tough divisional playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks (booo!), and Game 4 will be played tonight in Detroit.  The Red Wings lead the best-of-seven series 2-1, and a victory would put the ‘hawks in a very unenviable and difficult position: one loss away from elimination (yay!!).

So for fun, I thought I’d tie in the bitter on-ice battle with a light-hearted off-ice blogger face-off.  Which city/region has the better Catholic bloggers?

Let me list a few of the Detroit ones for you.  There’s Te Deum Laudamus, Diane K’s always informative blog, based out of her home parish, and she always has great posts on Medjugorge.  Then there’s radio icon Al Kresta’s blog, Kresta In The Afternoon. Al is the driving force behind Ave Maria Radio, based out of Ann Arbor, MI.  Also from Ann Arbor is apologist Steve Ray (aka Jerusalem Jones), who writes at Defenders Of The Catholic Faith.  Steve posts a lot about the pilgrimages he leads, as well as occasional apologetics.

There’s more.  Defend Us In Battle‘s creator Joe Koss is, from time to time, living in Detroit when he’s not in Alaska (right now he’s outside the Detroit area, but still in Michigan).  Now if only he would post a bit more often…

And there’s Fr Lee Acervo’s blog, Fr Acervo’s Corner.  Here he reprints his homilies and thoughts on living the Catholic faith more authentically.  Good stuff.

Radio personality Teresa Tomeo has a blog too – called Take It From Teresa.  She has a nationally syndicated radio program, but finds the time here and there to post her thoughts and opinions.

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the erudite Dale Price who blogs at Dyspeptic Mutterings (who needs to blog a bit more frequently, btw – but life gets in the way, as the saying goes).  He’s one of the smartest guys I know.

And while they’re known more for their videos and the Twirling Pencil, ChurchMilitant.TV does run a blog. To borrow a hockey analogy, Michael Voris would be the team’s enforcer, watching out for the team’s star players.

Like this guy: the World’s Most Famous Blog No One’s Ever Heard Of:  Acts of the Apostasy.  That blog alone should seal the deal.

If you ask me, that’s a heck of a line-up.  Formidable, famous and faithful.  I’m sure there are other Detroit-area Catholic blogs – if you’re a Detroit-area blogger, leave a link to it in the combox so that our line-up can grow and crush anything that Chicago might be able to muster up.

Speaking of which – – –

Are there any Chicago-area Catholic blogs?  One of the first blogs I discovered, years ago, was Thoughts Of A Regular Guy, but Paul (the Regular Guy) has since moved to Texas, and sadly, his blog is now “invitation-only”.  I’m not sure he’s doing a lot of blogging anymore. He was great.  A daily read back in the day.

But seriously – who else is there?  Who dey got?

If you know of any Chicago-area bloggers (and Wisconsin is not “Chicago-area”, Dave [you know who you are]), put their blogs in the combox. If I can get a list together, maybe I’ll put up a poll, and my readers will decide who has the better bloggers: Detroit or Chicago.

Winning team gets the depressing consolation that they’re either from Detroit or Chicago.

And besides, it’s already been determined who has the better hockey team – you know it, I know it.  The Red Wings.

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LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.
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28 Responses to Who's Got The Better Catholic Bloggers? Detroit Or Chicago?

  1. hermittalker says:

    My most memorable Ugly American moment was a tourist asking how many bricks were in the Mormon Tabernacle in SLC.

  2. Ellyn says:

    I’m a Chicago area blogger (Oblique House)..and all 12 of my followers know it. AND they know the Hawks are the best. And don’t forget Chicago’s own, Chicago grown Fr. Robert Barron, who has some rock-solid, amazing writers for his Word on Fire Blog. (I’m sure there must be a quorum of Hawks fans among his bloggers!)

  3. James Even says:

    I don’t even look to to see where the blogs I read are located, Catholic being universal after all, but I have a blog and I am north of Chicago (although almost Wisconsin I am still in Illinois). Of course with seminary taking up most if not all of my free time these last few months, it is a bit lacking in recent posts…ok more like completely lacking in recent posts, but I have not given completely up on it and so far, it is the only local blog I can think of…


    • Anonymous says:

      The Rev KIA is so awesome. Fr Rocky is great too and from the Chicago area I think, but not sure if he has a blog.

  4. Tito Edwards says:

    What’s hockey?

    Down here in the South, there are only two seasons, football season and hunting season.

    • NickD says:

      Too true, too true

    • Nan says:

      Hockey is a game played on ice, in which an object that resembles a frozen cow pie is propelled from one end of the ice to the other with the objective of scoring a goal. Similar to soccer, there’s a goaltender whose objective is prevention. It’s a seasonal game, in which training camp starts after football season, and the regular season starts around the beginning of duck and goose hunting in my state. The season continues through spring, with playoffs continuing past the fishing opener, which, in my state, coincides with mothers day.

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  6. al007italia says:

    Loras College, where I went to college was known as little Chicago since a large number of the students/alum were from there (still true to some extent) , so if I wanted to, I could try & claim to be a Chicago blogger. But to do that would be to deny who I am, an Iowan. & since as we know, Iowa is the sample of Heaven that God put on Earth, to claim to be a Chicago blogger might come close to blasphemy. & Larry, you wouldn’t want me to put my soul at risk of eternal damnation, would you?

  7. Off the top of my head:

    Artist Daniel Mitsui has a blog: http://www.danielmitsui.com/hieronymus/
    Movie guru Sr. Helena Burns: http://hellburns.blogspot.com
    And does Matt Abbott count? (Or is he a “columnist”?) http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/abbott

    I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting, but I would think the combo of Fr. Barron and Fr. Simon already goes a long way toward winning the internet.

  8. elizaraxi says:

    We’re newbies, but we’re proud of what we’ve put together in the past few months! We’re two moms of babies (ages 6 months and 13 months) and we blog about the intersection of faith and life as young moms, and about our journey of raising little saints in the city. Check us out!

  9. Chicathmoms.blogspot.com! We’re newcomers, but we blog about the joys and challenges of trying to raise saints in the city! Check us out!

  10. Michael says:

    A seminarian who attends a northern Chicago seminary:
    Battle for the Core is a good Chicago blog!

  11. tantamergo says:

    How about Detroit vs. Dallas? You’d have me, Taylor Marshall, Steve Kellmeyer (ok…..I know……), Happy Catholic…..there are some others, I think?

    I think it actually a significant testimony of a vibrant faith that there are number of people who care enough to blog about the Faith in a given Diocese. Something must be right in Detroit, for certain.

  12. Ellyn says:

    Many thanks to all who have looked in on my blog. And I am so thrilled to have reached a tipping point….family members (whose support I do so truly appreciate ) are no longer the majority of my followers! 😉

  13. I’m another of those Detroit bloggers (Seasons of Grace, at Patheos). Please check me out! patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer.
    I write, as well, on the *Kresta In The Afternoon* blog.

  14. Mike says:

    Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry. How could you possible ignore CleansingFireDOR.com, especially when it’s based right in your home town of Rochester, NY?

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