So God Made A Liberal

If you liked the “So God Made A Farmer” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday (and in my opinion, it was the best commercial of the night), then you’re gonna appreciate this parody of sorts.

Spot on and brilliant.

ht soopermexican

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5 Responses to So God Made A Liberal

  1. croixmom says:

    No. Satan made a liberal.
    Man mad a liberal.
    What God makes is all good and truth and light.

    btw, that is why it is so funny to listen to Nancy Pelosi & Friends state that thier job is to “save the planet”. God didn’t make that. Man made that from what God created.

  2. Ms. Allie says:

    Those pictures of decimated Detroit got to me.

    This is depressingly amusing and yes, spot on.

  3. God must have had a bad day when he made a liberal!

  4. Pat says:

    My 15 year old son said, “This is almost too spot on to be funny.”. True.

  5. Grey Bear says:

    Anyone can make a stinking progressive-communist, just take a dose of ex-lax !

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