Sandra Fluke Compares BC Coverage To Leukemia Meds

The pertinent portion:

“If you take a step back and think about that, you work at a restaurant or you work at a store, and your boss is able to deny you leukemia coverage or contraception coverage or blood transfusions or any number of medical concerns that someone might have a religious objection to … So the folks who are still objecting [to the mandate] have some very extreme ideas about religious freedom and employee health care in this country.”

(transcript courtesy of NRO)

Religious objections to paying for people’s leukemia treatments?  Since when? Didn’t Ms. Fleukemia’s 15 minutes expire hours – or perhaps months – ago?

Apparently not.

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8 Responses to Sandra Fluke Compares BC Coverage To Leukemia Meds

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  2. Tunces says:

    Who is Sandra Fluke and who pays attention to what she says?

  3. al007italia says:

    Larry, do you ever think that sometimes reality is doing all it can to outdo your parodies. If you made something like this up, no one would believe it.

  4. Joe, silence is golden, duct tape is silver!

  5. hermittalker says:

    “FLUKE”-EMIA. Lot of it around. Recall a Baptist editor who once cpmpared Catholics seeking textbook aid to citizens building their own streets and asking taxppayers to pay for them. Ms Sandra must have skipped Logic 101 at Georgetown U, same as her recrowned POTUS who wants gun control to protect six year olds from mentally ill gunmen while shovelling millions into Planned Abortions inc for their World Wide Web of Mentally Ill policies. DUH. ME Dummy

  6. Not only is she off the deep end if she thinks birth control is analogous to leukemia medication, but, what does she mean, if your employer can “deny you” medical attention? Isn’t obtaining services outside the workplace an employee’s own basic responsibility?

  7. The truth is, we don’t really want to get rid of The Pill. We only really care about removing one diagnosis from the list that documents its medical necessity. If the provider documents PCOS or menorrhagia or other actual gynecological or endocrine problems and claims that a COCP is the appropriate treatment, there’s no reason for a denial. But there’s one thing we think for certain does not justify us paying out for contraceptives: “I want to sleep around.”

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