The Retreat Police

On a Sunday in March ’13…

retreat police1

retreat police2

retreat police3

retreat police4

Bon voyage!

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LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.
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36 Responses to The Retreat Police

  1. bear says:

    I was one of the ones who thought a lenten retreat on a luxury cruise ship just might not be the best of ideas. Now I’m just praying that this doesn’t blow up in Voris’ and Fr. Z.’s faces.

  2. Maybe a lenten retreat on a luxury cruise ship isn’t the best of ideas, but the snide attack on Voris and Fr. Z by the rightly nicknamed ‘The Jerk’ is just petty idiocy.

    • bear says:

      I agree. However, complaining about snide attacks and petty idiocy on a blog also seems to be a futile and ironic gesture.

      • alex says:

        yeah, what is it about blogging that brings out the “snark” in even the nicest seeming authors? I am new to Catholicism and to the blog o’shere…so am really puzzled by the seeming lack of charity going on! yikes! maybe it’s time to get off the internet like I just got Facebook off of my smart phone cos it was taking up too much of my time!

    • Lynne says:

      You know, when their argument is redeuced to “well, Voris hair is blah, blah, blah”, they’ve lost…

  3. Adrienne says:

    When I first heard about the retreat, I rounded up a bunch of popcorn and plenty of butter for the show. I knew the “mini-me magesterium” collective head would explode. So far, it’s been fun.

  4. Terry says:

    This is way funnier than my post on the story. LOL! Which one is Gilligan?

    I still don’t get it though? Who are the liturgy police?

    I know a guy who markets mugs to those types.

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  7. TH2 says:

    Oh dear, someone is upset that she has to share the spotlight. Poor thing.

    To recover any lost celebrity, perhaps should start her own Reality TV show, just like her NCR colleague.

    Those Profe$$ional Catholic$… they’re funny.

  8. Bill K. says:

    Since in TRUTH, we don’t know what any individuals will be eating or doing in addition to attending Mass and retreat lectures – please document what you think is sinful about this cruise.
    If it is not sinful, and they can evanglise to bring a Catholic back to the Church or get a non-Catholic interested why all the negative statements? Is saving souls wrong at any time or any place?
    As Jesus said – let those without sin…., and let those without sin cast the first stone.
    This web site should be ashamed of itself.
    Go for UNITY not Division.
    Judge sin, not people.
    And read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” that all Catholics are required to adhere to in entirety.

    • thelarryd says:

      This web site should be ashamed of itself.

      Of what, exactly? Do you even understand what this post is about?

      • Bill K. says:

        Owners of web sites, and those posting on them have a special obligation.
        For those who post – using the media – please read: CCC 2493- 2499,
        The owner of the web site has the responsibility to make certain his/her web site does not lend itself to giving ‘occasion for false judgments’ and ‘detraction’ or ‘calumny’.
        Legitimate differences of opinions do not lend themselves to harming the reputations of others.
        Please see my post below quoting the CCC.

  9. Bill K. says:

    For judging OTHERS, rather than just judging SIN.
    None of us know exactly what each individual on the RETREAT CRUISE will be doing other than going to daily Mass, and hearing lectures about the Faith.
    CCC: ” 2477 Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury. He becomes guilty:
    – of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor;
    – of detraction who, without objectively valid reason, discloses another’s faults and failings to persons who did not know them;
    – of calumny who, by remarks contrary to the truth, harms the reputation of others and gives occasion for false judgments concerning them. ”
    How many Souls did you bring to Jesus in the last week?
    Christmas is coming. Let those who are guilty confess their sins during this Holy Season.

    • thelarryd says:

      As I suspected, you are mistaken as to the intent of this post. I haven’t stated one way or another my position on the Lenten retreat or the people either hosting it or planning to attend, and to presume to know my intent could be considered rash judgment on your part.

      I don’t want to descend into an argument here, Bill, but click the ‘Bon Voyage’ link if you haven’t (beneath the pictures), and perhaps then you will get a clearer understanding as to what I mean.

      • Bill K. says:

        I do not know your personal intent. However you are allowing your site to be the ‘occasion for false judgments’ or ‘detraction’ or ‘calumny’ by others.

        • thelarryd says:

          No, Bill, my blog has become a site of ‘occasion for false judgments’ or ‘detraction’ or ‘calumny’ for you – so perhaps reading it is an occasion of sin for you.

  10. Bill K. says:

    That is silly. But if it were true, you are committing a sin by allowing your site to be used for sinful purposes.
    Again site owners have a special responsibility to the public per the CCC.
    Again please read CCC: “2488 through #2499 regarding media responsibility.
    Posters are also responsibile for their own postings and should read the same paragraphs.
    Afterward please read the following –
    CCC: ” 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
    – by participating directly and voluntarily in them;
    – by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;
    – by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;
    – by protecting evil-doers.

  11. alex says:

    This whole thing is really upsetting! I guess I am naive but I do find it difficult to understand the almost vicious attacks of Voris going on, not on this blog so much, but on another one! Is it that it is difficult to understand the intent of a person’s written words when just reading and not interacting with the person or persons in a real conversation? Reminds me of how easy it was in my job in management at a small college to have my emails misinterpreted by faculty and staff! Or perhaps the problem is that sarcastic humor just is not a great medium for the expression of holiness, which I would have to suppose is what we are about trying to achieve as Catholics? Maybe that is why I resonate with what Bill K. is trying to express with his quotes…but I have to admit some of the jokes are really funny in this brouhaha that seems to be exploding in the blogosphere…I am just going to pray that we all try to maintain our ability to Love one another in all of this…

    • thelarryd says:

      Alex – all I can say is, is that sometimes things are written in the heat of the moment rather than after a time of reflection, and when that happens, cheap shots are taken, and honest communication goes out the window. I daresay that very few of us, if any, would speak to one another face to face the way some of the replies in the comboxes are worded. At least I hope not!

      Humor and satire are very difficult to write, and write well, and even more so when it involves Catholicism. In the case of the post I referred to with this one, I did my level best to focus only on the aspect that some people think a Lenten retreat on a cruise ship is inappropriate. There was much more I could have focused on, but I chose not to – I don’t care for attacks on people’s character, but it’s up to the person being attacked to respond if they choose to do so. As to the appropriateness of the cruise? It’s really nobody’s business. Sure, people can have legitimate difference of opinions, and offer some valid criticism, but bottom line – it’s nobody’s business. I hope that the cruise ends up being successful for all going, that they draw closer to the Lord, and deepen their faith.

      Welcome back to the Church, Alex. I hope you stop by from time to time and enjoy reading AoftheA. You can email me any time if you want to talk more.

      • alex says:

        thank you I will. and your post was actually very funny. most of the attacking seems to go on in comboxes by folks other than the original authors. Mark Shea scares me though…. 🙂

        • alex says:

          and actually your post is precious cos it really goes after both sides it seems!

        • thelarryd says:

          At the time, I was ambivalent about the cruise. As I’ve learned more about it (by actually talking to the folks at ChurchMilitantTV about it, something no one else who’s been writing about it has taken the time to do), I think it’s perfectly fine. Other people are entitled to their opinion.

  12. WOW! I thought I was Harsh! BTW–Larry, I’m still meaning to fix the link to your blog, but somehow, life always gets out of hand around here!

  13. Tancred says:

    People who complain about the “Liturgy Police” scare me, and they’re usually in the same bed with Professional “Catholics”.

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