Two Kinds Of Catholics

There are two kinds of Catholics:  those who pledge loyalty to Christ – and thus His Church – and those who pledge loyalty to the State.   And the line being drawn between them is becoming clearer and sharper.  It’s hard to believe that after the 2008 election, that could have even been possible.  But it’s happening.

Which sort are you?  Are you among those which include Sr Carol Keehan, Doug Kmiec, and the lot at the National Catholic Reporter?

Or are you among those who see this “accommodation” for the load of horse manure that it really is, and recognize that it accomplishes nothing that it claims to?

Or to put it another way, do you stand with St John Fisher and St Thomas More, or with those who remained in King Henry VIII’s good graces?

Those are the only two choices.

I’ve made my choice – Christ and His Church.

Choose wisely.

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LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.
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8 Responses to Two Kinds Of Catholics

  1. Well, the modern answer of a choice to make is:

    I want both!
    The good standing with the king and the reputation of the martyrs.

    There is need to tell them, that you can’t have both, or one thing without the negative additions, like being a martyr without being tortured and killed.

  2. Subvet says:

    Our persecution will start as we’ve already seen; on the level of Catholic businesses and institutions. After that it will progress, perhaps to the level of fraternal organizations such as the K of C or the Loyal Order of Hibernians (where membership in the Church is required).

    But soon enough we’ll see it hit the pewsitters, not in the form of physical torture but a death by a thousand paper cuts, e.g. having the IRS crawl up your rectum with a microscope. Those of us with children can expect pressure from the schools as a curriculum originated by the LGBT zealots and other foes of the Church is foisted upon their young minds. We’ll be teaching the kids the art of dissemination in response. Those who are caught can expect to deal with Child Protective Services. The beat goes on.

    God have mercy on us but may His will be done.

  3. Allen Troupe says:

    I stand with Jesus & with His vicar, Papa Benedetto.

  4. It seems to me that 99.5% of Catholics have no clue about these two groups, or that they consist also of members of the clergy.

    In this country especially, and perhaps, I am told in Europe, the liberalism among the so-called Catholics (in name only) is rampant.

    Our Pope is trying to fight a valiant battle, at his age, and rid the clergy of those that would under-mind our faith, but it’s so difficult when so few Catholics will even report their priests illicit or heretical behavior to the Bishops. The Pope is, at least, trying to be sure to place only good orthodox Catholic Bishops in place these days. Thank God for this, for we will need them in order to fight this good fight!

    In the parish I reside in, I have had my own pastor drag my name through the mud, for reporting to his Bishop things that he has done in my presence to others, heresies I’ve witnessed him say to others, or illicit or heretical things he has said to me personally. I have a feeling that he never thought I’d be well enough informed to know that what he was saying was so blatantly against the dogmas of our faith. Unfortunately when the Bishop called this pastor about these issues, instead of the pastor taking the high road and, either correcting his behavior, or remaining quiet about his Bishop’s chastisement of him, he choose, instead to tell other parishioners what was done and which parishioner made the report! Now, I am being gossiped about in my own parish. He is furthering these things by telling lies about me. Those that are friends of mine are being cross-examined by the pastor to try to find out what they know about me, and even a good member that, I used to be friends with, has suffered accusations of disloyalty by him, been thoroughly embarrassed at the parish, and must suffer in silence as the people he is usually around wonder what he has done; when it was, in fact, NOTHING! Things he was accused of doing by the pastor were all lies! He never did any of the things, worse yet, the pastor had no actual report that he had, but was guessing that he had because this fella and I used to be good friends a long time ago. Even if this guy had done what he was accused of, it wouldn’t have been disloyal at all, and well within his rights. The pastor just took the opportunity to embarrass him, simply because of me! All of this because I felt obligated to report to my Bishop terrible things my pastor was actually doing and saying.

    I never thought that I would see the day when members of our own clergy would actually be the ones that condemned the very people that they are ordained to protect and guide.

    God help us in this battle! If this Bishop does not receive enough parishioners willing to testify to their own knowledge regarding what he has said and done, he may never be asked to leave, which means I will be forced to, my friends will be left in uncomfortable situations or be forced to leave also. I encourage everyone that is a true Catholic, loves the Lord, and His Church, and agrees to follow the dogmas of our faith to write your bishops regarding any pastor that is teaching things contrary to our faith. As my bishop told me, he knows nothing about the priests he is assigned to watch unless the laity report to him, what they are doing! This is not wrong to do, it is our obligation as members of this Church and is part of Canon law. I’m not saying to report Father for every little thing you don’t like, just the things he says or does that are against the dogmas of the faith.

    Yes, you may pay a terrible price though. Welcome to the new persecutions! God help us all.

  5. Linda says:

    As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.
    Joshua 24:15

  6. Diana says:

    I’m with Linda!

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