The Catholic's Examination Of Conscience Guide To The NFL Playoffs

Game on, football fans. The NFL playoffs are underway as I write this, and across this great land, millions of Catholics will be watching the games and rooting for teams.

But which teams can Catholics root for, and not be guilty of committing serious sin? If only there was some way of knowing.

Introducing the Catholic’s Examination of Conscience Guide to the NFL Playoffs, measured by the Moral Culpability Scale of Sinfulness, or MCSS, ranging from 1 to 10, with 1 = anathema sit!, and 10 = holier than the Pope. Teams with MCSS scores of 5.0 or higher are acceptable for Catholics to root and cheer for. If you’re pulling for teams with scores under 5.0, well, you might want to have a chat with your spiritual director before you get penalized for Immoral Procedure.

So let’s look at the individual teams and see how they rate. Keep in mind, this is focusing on teams and where they play, not personnel or coaches or anything like that. Current players are not being considered or mentioned in this examination of conscience. Because I say so.

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5 Responses to The Catholic's Examination Of Conscience Guide To The NFL Playoffs

  1. Allen Troupe says:

    Larry, Doesn’t Detroit get anything for having you in the area?????
    As for the rest:
    1st the NFC:
    I do have to dispute your giving Green Bay a 9.5. Yes they have a lot of cheese. But let us not forget that too much cheese raises a person’s LDL to dangereously high levels. That aside, it is the Packers. They are pure evil. As a humble Vikings fan I can state that with a clear conscience. Remember, their motto is “Winning is the only thing.” Not exactly a charitable stand.
    You forgot Raymond Arroyo is from New Orleans, that should up it to a 9.85.
    On to the AFC:
    1st one mistake about the former Iowa boy by adoption, DiNardo, he is a Cardinal, not merely an Archbishop. The fact that he was a Bishop for the Sioux City Diocese, as well as of Italiano extraction, let alone has been 1 of the better Pro-Life Bishops should add something to Houston’s MCS a bit more of a boost. Not much, but some.
    I won’t go into a rant about the way the system is set up that let’s 1 8-8 team, the Broncos, in & excludes my NY Jets.
    Speaking of which, as a humble fan of the Jets, I can state that the Patriots are pure evil as well. You listed most of the reasons for that pretty accurately.
    That aside, since neither of my favorite teams (which automaticly makes them 9.9 because I am a fan) are in the playoffs, I have no worries about sinning since I won’t be rooting for any team to win.

    & before you ask how I can be a fan of 2 teams, it goes back to the NFL/AFL era when there were 2 leagues.

    • thelarryd says:

      Thanks for the catch about Cardinal DiNardo. I’ll fix that.

      As to your other points – – – well, let your conscience be your guide 🙂

  2. It’s a cardinal sin to root for the Patriots…that is all

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