The Most Influential Catholic Of 2011 – The Final Results

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s poll!  There was a bit of a dropoff in voters this year compared to last – only 67 in each division –  but whatever.

Here are the results:

The 2011 Most Influential Catholic – St. Thomas More Division 

Fr Robert Barron  – for his Catholicism project.

The 2011 Most Influential Catholic – Baron Richard Rich Division

John Corapi aka The Black Sheepdog – I’m not linking to his site, which hasn’t been updated since September.  So maybe his influence has waned and will be inconsequential moving forward.  There are still quite a few spiritual corpses left in his wake, though, so don’t stop praying for him.

Here’s how the final voting ended up:


Fr. Barron – 39%
Rev Rodriquez – 22%
Bishop Olmsted – 15%
Bishop Zurek – 12%
Bishop Sample – 7%
Peter Seewald – 3%
Archbishop Sheehan – 1%
Matthias Mattussek – 0%


John Corapi – 38%
Kathleen Sebelius – 26%
The entire USCCB – 10%
Nancy Pelosi – 9%
National Catholic Reporter – 6%
Sister Margaret McBride – 4%
Cardinal Schonborn – 3%
Bishop Ochoa – 1%
Joe Paterno – 1%
Lisa Murkowski – 0%
Fr Schuller – 0%

So who will be the Most Influential Catholics next year? With 2012 being a presidential election year, there will be plenty of candidates for both awards, of that I am sure.

Thanks for taking part, and Happy New Year!!

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10 Responses to The Most Influential Catholic Of 2011 – The Final Results

  1. terry Nelson says:

    How did I miss this?

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  3. Allen Troupe says:

    STM – Fr. Barron’s coming in 1st isn’t surprizing given how big his Catholicism project was.
    BRR – Corapi for 2011 makes sense as well.
    For 2012 I am willing to bet that Pelosi, the NonCatholic Reporter & the USCCB will all be burnishing their images so they finish higher in the BRR division. It will be interesting to see what Sibelius does as well so she can maintain her lead. (OK, I’ll admit that their actions won’t be influenced by this award, but I am willing to bet that they will be acting as if they were trying to win.)
    As for the STM division, if a Bishop comes out full force against Sibelius or Pelosi or Pro-abort Catholycs a way that gets the MSM’s shorts tied up in knots, like making it clear that they can’t vote pro-abort under any circumstances, or makes it clear they are excommunicating a group of Catholycs in his diocese, then he will probably win.

  4. I’m surprised the entire USCCB didn’t score higher..maybe next year.

  5. Joseph K says:

    I remember nominating, but forgot to vote.

  6. maixv says:

    I wish I could have voted, but alas, my link was no good.

  7. John says:

    Fr Barron’s WordOnFire videos are a MUST for internet-savvy Catholics these days.

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