Welcome To My New Home

Come on in, make yourself at home…actually, scratch that.  Some of you might be Occupiers, and I can’t have anyone pitching tents in the front yard, peeing in the koi pond or doing you-know-what in the azaleas.

Anyway – I’ve made the switch.  After last Saturday’s glitch with Blogger (I’m of the opinion that I was hacked), I decided to migrate to WordPress.  I’m still arranging my stuff and filling out my blogroll, so please be patient.  I think I’ll keep my sidebar a bit more spartan this go around.  And all my past posts and comments have been imported.

So update your links and readers.  Click that “Follow” button.  Tell all your family and friends on Facebook.  Tweet it.  Plurk it.  Post about it at your blog.  Text your bff’s.  Contact your congressman.  Email your senator.  Put it in your parish bulletin.  Get it in your church announcements.

This is AoftheA’s new home.  Welcome.

One more thing – would you do me a favor and sign the guestbook? (that would be “leave a comment”, for those who attended U of Mich)  Curious to know who’s stopping in.  Thanks!

About Larry D

LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone’s taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.

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71 Responses to Welcome To My New Home

  1. MKubica says:

    Done and done. Looking forward to more updates from you and Sister Patricia. I’ll bet she’s pleased with the new banner too!

  2. Hi Larry! Congrats on the move. As long as there’s water and pizza in the fridge, and TP and soap in the bathroom, you should be good for a while.

  3. I like your new digs. How’s the neighbourhood? It is after all about location location location.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Oh wow! I started thinking maybe you were going to be adding to your family. This is almost as good.

    I’m thinking of starting a new blog to replace my girlie blog and am trying to decide whether to stay with blogger or go with wordpress. I’ll be picking you brain…

  5. Sherry says:

    Been considering the switch possibility myself, but wondered if anyone would notice.

  6. Dirtdartwife says:

    Just followed you over. 🙂 Enjoy the new home!

  7. leftfooter says:

    Welcome and I’m following. I have a (sleeping) blog here too.

  8. Japotillor says:

    Howdy…Joe of St Therese following from Idaho now.

  9. aka the Mom says:

    Nice place you have here. You could use a few pillows and a rug or two…….AND TO ADD ME TO THE BLOGROLL! But other than that, it’s right cozy.

  10. Lyda says:

    Love your blog!

  11. Kathy B. says:

    Congrats on the new digs. Love what you’re doing with the place!

  12. Sid says:

    I’m pitching a tent! Bring me free beer!

  13. Wherever you go, I will be sure to follow. (I don’t promise to do exactly as you do however).

  14. Caroline says:

    Hope you enjoy WordPress, Larry. Honestly, those puppets ( on your banner ) are —-something else.. !

    I’d love it you add me to your blogroll : )


  15. Mary C says:

    Um, This place smells weird.

    (Why do all the decent bloggers have to move out of the neighborhood?)

    In any case how about putting up the old AoftheA picture, – just to make it look more like home?


  16. Nod says:

    Yo Larry, it’s Nod checking in 5×5. Let’s get the party started — Ba DOOM Ba Ba DOOM!

  17. DW says:

    Mr. D,
    Speaking of adding to your family; how is it that you only have two kids?

  18. Fr. Gary V. says:

    Following you in your new dig. Where’s Terry? I haven’t seen his comment yet.

  19. Annon says:


    Can you change the WordPress settings so that the entire post is shown in the RSS feed? That would be really nice, because without it, I’m not sure if I’ll end up reading many of your articles. It should be right here (if I’m correct):


    Where it says “For each article in a feed, show:”, select the radio button that says “Full text”

  20. TH2 says:

    Nice look. Like the change. Just hope the hi-Larry-iousness won’t change.

    P.S. Did not know you could import Blogger posts/comments in Word Press. Interesting.

  21. Erin Manning says:

    Hi, Larry! Nice new digs. Where should I put the casserole? 🙂

  22. Would you consider using Full Feed? For those of us that read hundreds of blogs in Google Reader, you have to have a heck of a lead sentence to make us visit to read the rest – and I like reading your posts. It’s just so much easier to read in Reader than to visit the actual blog each and every time you post. (And congrats on the move…you’ll like WP way better than Blogger!)

  23. Jane says:

    Scared me there for a minute when I couldn’t connect. Hope you like your new home.

  24. Fr. Larry says:

    Welcome to your new digs. As a blogspot resident, I will have to get used to your new set up. One thing I would say is that I would like to see a search engine for all your old posts. SOme where very funny. The other thing is a purely selfish observation. I am a little disappointed that my two sites did not transfer to your new catablogue. Thank you for the lesson in humility

    • thelarryd says:

      Sorry, Father, someone else will have to give you that lesson in humility 🙂 I just haven’t gotten around to setting up all my blogrolls yet.

      As to your search engine question: I could import a “Categories” widget in the sidebar. I might do that still – except it’s really really long

  25. Father Acervo says:

    Hi Larry. Congrats on the move. There’s no “Blessing of a blog” in the Roman Ritual, so I will simply have to pray that your migration over to WordPress goes smoothly. WP has been good to me, so hopefully you won’t have too much trouble. Keep up the good work as always.

  26. MaryW says:

    Welcome to your new home!

    A reader

  27. Allen Troupe says:

    I noticed you are now going by “thelarryd”. Is this to distinquish you from some wannabes out there who are trying to horn in on your fame?
    Anyhow enjoy your new digs, am looking forward to many more years of you giving agita to those who attack the eternal truths taught by the Catholic Church.

  28. Allen Troupe says:

    BTW, Is Sr. Patricia coming over as well?

    • thelarryd says:

      I think so. She’s ministering at Occupy Wall Street at the moment. Given that it’s breaking up, I expect her back in town in time for Thanksgiving.

  29. Way to go, you have apostatized! I love the header but I think you should have your head blown up into a giant C2A puppets. No cuss-o-meter! YEA!

  30. Wow–I’m jealous! Nobody bother to hack me,they just call me names in the comm box!


  31. pablo says:

    That your new blog be free of controversy I will do you the kindness of not commenting at your new web home.

    I wish you well in all your endeavors.


  32. Leila says:

    Duly impressed!

  33. CameTheDawn419 says:

    Hi…I like the new format, but miss the old banner at the top…:-)

  34. I found you! Ok, because you told me! lol. Dude, really, I supplied most of your raves on “What they say about me” and you don’t even have me listed in your sidebar?! Oh, the humanity.

    • thelarryd says:

      and you don’t even have me listed in your sidebar?!

      I haven’t gotten that far yet! With all this company, I’ve been too busy entertaining. Give me a little more time, and you’ll be there. I promise!

  35. Congrats on the move! I know it is a painful process…

    Google provides a wonderful service, but outages and restrictions are exasperating. I also made the move to WordPress and am happy to have done so.

    Best of Luck!

  36. Fr. Cory Sticha says:

    You have good taste in blogging platforms. I moved over to WordPress about a year and a half ago, and haven’t looked back. Congrats on the move, and look forward to more of your good stuff!

  37. WhiskyRx says:

    Congratulations on the move. If I ever start a blog it will be WordPress, as it has the fullest set of HTML functions I have seen on free blogware. And I appreciate that as a commenter, as well. I just wish it also had a “Preview” button.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

    The common belief that whisky improves with age is true. The older I get, the more I like it.“—[Ronnie Corbett]

  38. ceciliamaria says:

    Welcome to the WordPress neighborhood! I hope you are enjoying your new home. I’m just around the WordPress corner so feel free to stop by if you need to borrow a cup of sugar or something. 🙂

  39. Yvonne + says:

    I brought you a virtual cherry cheesecake. I like the new place. It’s really good to see Siarlys here.

  40. Mac McLernon says:

    All you need now to make you feel at home is a couple of kitties…

  41. Mac McLernon says:

    BTW, how difficult was it to transport all the Blogger posts and comments?

    • thelarryd says:

      Pretty easy actually, depending on the method you use. Here’s how I did it:

      In Blogger – go to Setting—>Basic—->Blog Tools (it’s the top item on the page)

      Select Export Blog, which leads you to a command prompt to “Download blog”. Once you click that prompt, an export file is saved on your computer.

      When setting up a WordPress blog, under the “Tools” menu is an “Import” option. That takes you to a screen that asks you to select the platform you’re importing from – in my case, Blogger – which takes you to the import screen. There’s an option at the bottom of that screen which asks if you have a Blogger export file. You can browse your computer for the Blogger export file, select it, hit enter and there you go! Saves posts and comments like magic (some of the formatting gets a bit jumbled, but for the most part, I didn’t have to do anything else.

      So far I’m satisfied. About the only thing I don’t like so far is that Sitemeter cannot tell you referring URL’s and a couple other things. Something about their program that isn’t supported in WordPress. I like the comment moderation feature, and the reply to comment feature as well. The templates aren’t as flexible, but that might be different on WordPress.org (this is WordPress.com).

      As to the kitties – give me time!

  42. Carlos says:

    Thanks a lot Larry. actsoftheapostasy.wordpress.com is longer than actsoftheapostasy.blogspot.com, and that means more time spent typing the url. I’m really not sure about this, you might have just lost a reader.

  43. maixv says:

    I commented on another post before I saw this one. Glad you’re here, LarryD. As you know I’m commenting with my WordPress username. And I clicked Follow. Is your email the same. I may contact you about something.

  44. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Hi, Looking forward to reading more of you wit and wisdom at the new location.

    Regards from Canada,
    Patricia Gonzalez

  45. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Sheesh, I meant more of “YOUR” wit and wisdom – dang, haven’t had enough coffee yet …

  46. Rowan Light says:

    love the new look and love your blog!

  47. Hermann says:

    Paper Mache Puppets os DOOM in the banner?

    You won´t be seeing me very often!

    The HORROR!!!


  48. MPW says:

    Looks like a good new home… Looking forward to some more entertaining material!

  49. Teresa Rice says:

    Just followed. Welcome to your new WordPress home.

  50. Nice. Puppets and all! Here’s my welcome http://wp.me/p48Xv-4jT — Jimmy

  51. Shirley Knopp says:

    Love the new look for your blog…I am fairly new to it…

  52. No name says:

    I hope your blog 11-11-11 about lively homilies was a joke. It was very distasteful.

  53. Mundabor says:

    I used to complain about some glitches in WordPress, but it seems the grass isn’t very green the other side of the fence, either…

    Welcome to the.. bright side, then…


  54. D says:

    Dominic from Singapore! Been following you for some time now!

  55. Jeff Miller says:

    Oh I thought the big announcement is that you were moving to Patheos!

    Have fun with WordPress. I also started out on blogspot back in 2002, then after six months moved to my own hosted site with Movable Type, then a couple years moved to WordPress on my site. Pretty happy with it so far.

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